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    I (Yousuf Philips) have created this website for the purpose of distributing the Qbasic programs that I had created to the different QuickBasic programmers who may find it useful.

    I don't update the website very often because I have moved on and have started programming in Visual Basic, Perl, and PHP. The last time I updated this website was November 2000, so I am going through all the source code that I never released and will start posting them online.

Latest Released Source Code

YPI Editor 1.0 - Simple text editor I was working on, but I never got around to add the mouse functionality I was planning to add. Also I hadn't added any error handling routines and you are limited to view and edit a maximum of 28 lines. I also fixed a bug which was happening in the executable version on the website when you try to open a file.

ZIP Viewer 1.0 - One of the first programs that I built after getting into file formats. It basically displays the file details of the files stored in a ZIP file, which includes the original file size, compressed file size, compression ratio, the files modified date and time, and the file name.

Library Recommendations
I used the Altquick (Assembly Language Toolbox for Quickbasic) for a number of programs that I build and you can download it from here. In my opinion, it was the best Qb library that I had downloaded (and I downloaded alot). The GPS (General Purpose Subroutines) library was also a good library, which you can download from here.

Last Updated October 18th, 2003

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